Zadecha Island Zadecha Island Garrett Newly adopted with his twin sister by the Henderson family of Harrisburg, NC. 102115146 The Boat The boat which took our friends over to to Zadechu Island to meet Garrett and Tia's birth family and friends. 102115178 The Island Zadechu Island 102115135 102115136 102115137 Garrett 102115150 Garrett and Tia 102115185 Hippo! 102115158 Hippos Ahead 102115159 Mendy and Tia with Lindsey and Jacob in the background. It's a 2 1/2 hour trip by boat with no life vests through hippo territory and with no life vests. 102115167 The Island 102115180 102115179 Welcome Party Garrett's friends met him and welcomed him. 102115149 Garrett Leads He was very excited and knew just the way to go to his home. 102115148 Grandfather 102115151 Grandfather 102115155 Grandfather Such love. 102115152 Grandfather Such Joy! 102115154 Grandfather 102115172 Baby Brother Garrett's little brother met them and Garrett carried him the rest of the way. 102115147 Garrett and his sister 102115171 Tia and her sister 102115175 So many sisters! 102115176 Moms Mendy and Werke, the twins' birth mother. 102115168 Grandmother 102115157 Grandmother with Tia and Garrett 102115156 102115153 Werke Tia and Garrett's birth mother. Widowed with 6 children still on the island. 102115187 The Family In front of their home. 102115184 Family 102115140 Inside their home. 102115142 Sisters 102115177 102115162 Werke with on of the younger twins. 102115186 Twins Tia and Garrett's youngest siblings. 102115182 Home 102115160 Inside This is the room Tia and Garrett were born in. 102115173 Home Food storage in Werke's home. 102115143 Home The Kitchen 102115163 Dirty Water This is one of Tia and Garrett's siblings carrying a bottle of the water they drink. This needs to change! 102115164 Visiting Such hospitality 102115166 Mother's Hands - Mendy and Werke Think about this one for a moment. There they are holding hands in the very hut where the twins were born as one mother offers two of her children to Mendy to take half-way around the world because she cannot care for them. 102115169 The elders The people from UCF are asking them to list their needs in order of importance. They vote. Water is number one. A Medical Clinic is number 2. 102115170 The voting process Pieces of grass laid on bottles labeled with needs. 102115183 The Meeting 102115181 Friends 102115145 Scaling fish with their teeth 102115174 Local Fare Raw fish. David was fortunate to be able to partake. Mendy was fortunate to have not been there that particular day! 102115165 The Zay people 102115188 Friends 102115189 A local crop. HEY! Looks familiar! We have lots of that around here! 102115161 102115190 The Zay people 102115191 Beautiful Country 102115192 The Zay people 102115193 David and the girls Tia and Garrett's sisters 102115139 The whole Family It's amazing how God brings people together! 102115141 Chow for Now 102115138