Garrett's Heart....

Are you thankful for clean water, a variety of nutritional food to eat and good medical care?

A little boy has touched our hearts by sharing his....

From Mendy's Blog...  "I said prayers with Jacob and then climbed up into bed with Garrett. As I settled in next to him he said, "Mom, America tellec (big) food and Ethiopia tinish (small) food. Island hungry and America no hungry." I agreed with Garrett and explained that God had provided plenty for us to eat and I am so glad that he is no longer hungry. He then said, "Werke no birr and no food." I then explained to him that we were helping to provide Werke and his siblings with food and that he didn't need to worry about them being hungry. He seemed to understand and just as I did with Tia I prayed with him for his birth family.....

Please read the rest of this story at

We are just a family in Nebraska and we want to help Garrett have peace in his heart as he says his prayers each night that his family and friends in Ethiopia have the things they need to live. 

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