Garrett's Heart....

Are you thankful for clean water, a variety of nutritional food to eat and good medical care?

WE WON!!! ***

We WON!!!  Thank you to all who donated and worked so hard this week to raise funds for Garrett's Heart! With all of the Mother's Day giving and the incredible Powder Puff football game these past two weeks, we raised $4575.00.  Winning the contest at Valeria Spa in Huntersville, NC, gave us another $2500.00.***

We now have $7,075.00 *** for the Zay people!!!!  Praise God and huge thanks to all of you who continue to pour out to bring life to these people God loves so very much!


You can read Mendy's blog as she shares her heart about these two incredible women here .


*** UPDATE:  We had a setback this week, financially.  The owner of Valeria Spa and Salon has contacted us to let us know that he has disqualified Garrett's Heart from their 2012 Mother's Day Charity Contest and has rescinded our 1st prize of $2,500.  He does not consider GH a certified charity.   He has notified me today that he will consider giving the prize amount to another ministry working in Ethiopia after the first of the year.  We pray that they are blessed by his gift and we are confident that God will do great things with it.

Fortunately, we are not deterred from the mission by the dealings of man and will keep on pressing towards the goal of providing for the needs of the Zadecha people.

We thank all of you for the HUGE efforts you put in to raise $4,575 for the island in only two weeks and we love your hearts!  What a testament to your love for others.

God is not surprised.  Nor is He deterred by setbacks.   In His time and in His way, His people will be provided for through His people.  We keep pressing on. 

Lemi is home!!!!

Tia and Garrett have a friend named Lemi.  He comes from the same island that they do and they lived at the same orphanage in Addis Ababa. Garrett has been praying faithfully that Lemi would have a family and, specifically, that their family would be Lemi's family as well.  In the past few months, God has cleared the way for  Lemi to be a part of the Henderson family!  He is HOME  What an amazing God we have!  

Welcome home, Lemi!!!



 If you want to read more about Lemi, check out Mendy's blog at

It's quite a God story!

Also, check out some of the latest pictures on our Photo link. 

This is Garrett.

A bit of the Story :  Life on the Island

Jobs on the Island - click to see a video

Seven-year old Garrett and his twin sister, Tia, were adopted two years ago by the Henderson Family in Harrisburg, NC.  They were born on Zadecha Island on Lake Zway in Ethiopia, Africa. Their birth mother, Werke, is a widow who still lives on the island with her other 6 children. As Garrett and Tia experienced more of America, Garrett's heart yearned for his birth family and friends to have what they now have - clean water to drink, ample food to eat and access to medical care.  He sees the excess and waste here and knows, first hand, the need there.  In fact, the need is so extreme that they were given up for adoption in order that they might have a better life. 


Progress Update - October 4, 2011

 Great News!!!

Water is Life International has finished tapping 3 springs!  Thanks to the generosity of so many, the approx. $13,000 needed to provide clean fresh water to the people of Zadecha was raised and clean fresh water is now a reality to the many people who live on the island.

After the setbacks of not being able to drill and then waiting for the plans to be adjusted accordingly, this is such welcome news. Thank you all for your support in raising funds for clean water!



Thank you all for your prayers and financial help in getting us this far.  There is more work to be done on the island and I am confident that God will complete this work He has started and I cannot wait for Garrett and Tia to go to sleep at night knowing that their family and friends on the island are thriving.

Keep praying for the people of Zadecha! 


For the most recent update, please go to .  Such exciting things happening!



Commit to pray for the people of Zadecha Island.

There is so much more to do.  Pray about how you and your friends, family, church or organization can contribute to this effort.  When we all work together we can do amazing things and God will bless the use of our time, talents, and finances to give LIFE and JOY to those He loves!  



A thought from our son, Nick....

"I've noticed, sometimes we take advantage of everything. especially water. It's kind of sad how my dog drinks more CLEAN water than a lot of the people in this world."

You can make a huge difference!  

20 dollars=20 years of water for one person!

Tia's prayer...

"Help all of the island people know God."

Why help orphans?

If you were to look at a photo of every orphaned child in the world for a couple of seconds it would take you six years non-stop to see all of their faces.  Garrett and Tia were sent to an orphanage by their mother because she could not support them on the island.  We can help by providing for basic needs such as clean water and and other life essentials.  From there the sky's the limit!


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