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Are you thankful for clean water, a variety of nutritional food to eat and good medical care?

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Ice Cream Money!  The first graders at Harrisburg Elementary made some HUGE decisions over the last few months. The first was COMPASSION - they are friends with Garrett and Tia and decided to care for their extended family in Ethiopia. The second was a SACRIFICE - give up ice cream! The third was GENEROUS - give that money to Garrett's Heart so they can build a well on Zadechu Island through Water Is Life... pretty cool!

The People of Zadecha

Why build a well?

The logistics of building a well in Ethiopia - Ben and Kelly explain Part I

The logistics of building a well Part II

David Harding - Water is Life International

The Island - Mendy and Werke, the moms, greet one another

The Island - The View

The Island - The Daily Catch

The Island - Water Transportation

The Island - The Blessings

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